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Click on the image above and play the game. You'll surely enjoy it and learn a lot!!

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It is a pity I have not nbeen able to embed it. Please visit the BRITISH HISTORY TIMELINE by the BBC

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THE RAVEN, by Edgar Alan Poe

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The Victorian Age

Click on the picture above to go to The Victorian Web. Then browse it, visit several pages and read the content to get acquainted with the topics and the format of the site.
Each of you will focus your attention on a different area. Make sure you navigate the page to contextualize your reading. Remember the more you read, the easier you will find the sources. 
**Please, remember to look up meanings and pronunciation of new words in a monolingual dictionary and a pronunciation dictionary repectively**

 for FURTHER READING: Britain Express>>>>a complete site where you can find a brief introduction to English history. Very good to read BEFORE choosing your topic!!!!!

THE YOUNG VICTORIA, a film by Martin Scorsesse, released in 2009. You can't miss it!!! Click HERE for the OFFICIAL SITE of the film. You'll find the trailer and other fragments, costumes, beautiful music, and lots of more interesting things!.


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Go over these quizzes and find out how much you know about the novella Heart of Darkness

  • QUIZZ #1: Choose 10 items (out of 12)
  • QUIZZ #2: In ONE sentence answer the following questions
    1. Identify the people on the Nellie.
    2. Why is it ironic that Marlow needs his aunt’s help to secure his appointment?
    3. What happened to Fresleven, one of the Company’s captains?
    4. How are the two women outside the secretary’s office symbolic?
    5. Name two unusual procedures at Marlow’s physical exam.
    6. How did the Swede die?
    7. What is unique about the chief accountant’s appearance?
    8. Why was the manager successful at his job?
    9. Why does Marlow call some people on the boat “pilgrims”?
    10. Why does Marlow need the brickmaker’s help?

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Das Kapital

Karl Marx's work Das Kapital  can be found HERE

Here you will find a very interesting STUDY GUIDE. You will find key words to each section linked to an encyclopaedia, questions for discussion, etc. I suggest that you read your section and use the study guide to clarify some issues.

Remember this is NOT a "lección oral". It is a complete class, so pay attention to parts of the class, material needed, resources available, teaching and learning strategies applied, among others.

  • Adriana.....Ch 1. Section 1
  • Alicia....Ch 1. Section2
  • Alejandra...Ch 3
  • Ivanna...Ch 3
  • Candela....Ch 6
  • Laura...Ch 6
  • Gisela...Ch 4
  • Mariel...Ch10. Section1
  • Damián...Ch10. Section 7
  • Carla...Ch 15. Section1
  • Lorena...Ch 15.Section 2
  • Analía...Ch 31
  • Julia...Ch 33
  • Karina...Ch 32
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    From Louis XVI to Napoleon

    In only 4 minutes: the French Revolution and Napoleon.

    Can you connect these ideas to Argentina and our historical moment?

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    1789, the year of the Revolution.

    Let's read a summary of the Revolution. Click here.

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    The Declaration Of the Rights of Man.

    What did the Declaration of the Rights of Man state?

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    image: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Declaration_of_Human_Rights.jpg

    And the Revolution started.

    Soon there was a revolt, or was it a revolution?

    How did the Revolution start? What happened during the reolution?



    SEE VIDEO #2

    Important names


    French Revolution in video

    Watch these videos and take down key historical events.

    Which are some of the causes of the Revolution?


    UNIT 1

    The French Revolution

    Visit these sites and get ready for next class.



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